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Top 9 Designer Shoes on My Wish List

If my first vice is handbags then my second “developing” vice would be shoes. Here are the current top 9 designer shoes on my wish lists!

1. Stuart Weitzman 5050s1. Stewart Weitzman 5050 Over-the-Knee (OTK) Boots
If I had to pick the best “value” designer shoe, it would have to be the Stuart Weitzman 5050 OTK boots (especially if you score them on sale)! Stuart Weitzman’s napa leather is unbelievably soft and smooth and the 5050s balance comfort and style. Over-the-knee boots can be “too much” but I think the 5050’s low heel and simple design make it easier to pull off and versatile.

Pros: Without a doubt the napa leather gets a shout out. There are many boots similar to the 5050 but the napa leather is not easily replicable and the 5050’s silhouette is the most clean and simple.
Cons: If you have bigger calves the boots might not be the best fit for you. Although 5050s are made with stretchy materials in the back for a better fit, bigger calves might result in the leather bunching around the ankle area. Also if you are on the petite side, the shaft might be too high.

2. Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pumps2. Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pumps
I have been stalking the Gianvito Rossi Plexi pumps on for a while now, hoping to catch the black patent leather in size 6 on sale! I will not cave into paying the full retail price of $745 as long as I know there is a chance I can get them on sale! Patience, my dear, patience.

Pros: To me, this shoe is so beautiful and is the wearable version of Cinderella’s glass slippers. Moreover, the pointed toe and the plexi design will elongate legs, which is always a plus!
Cons: From a distance, you won’t see the toes bunching up but closer up the toes look so smushed in the toe box. My toes are likely just as jammed in other pumps but because I don’t see the smushed toes, the “problem” doesn’t exist. When I tried on the pumps, even though my toes were not in pain, they “looked” painful. Also the discoloring of the plexi material can be a concern.

3. Valentino Rockstud Pumps3. Valentino Rockstud Pumps
I love the Valentino Rockstud pumps. I like the higher heel (with 2 straps) in nude or the kitten heel (with 3 straps) in hot pink. The shoe’s ubiquity does not impact me; if I like a product then it doesn’t matter if everyone has it or no one has it. The Valentino Rockstud pumps are often seen on flash sale sites so don’t pay full price!

Pros: These shoes will definitely draw attention with the shiny rockstuds. The Rockstud pumps are also quite comfortable when I tried them on in stores.
Cons: The retail price for this shoe is quite outrageous even for a designer shoe. If the price was around $600-$700, I would have caved in and hand over my cash. But alas that’s not the case, so I have to stalk flash sale sites for my size in nude, black or hot pink.

4. Louboutin So Kate4. Christian Louboutin So Kate (120mm)
If I can only own one pair of Louboutin heels then I would pick the So Kate in nude patent leather. I really wish Louboutin make the So Kate in different heel heights, especially one in 100mm. I think the ultra skinny heel would still be just as sexy. I know the Pigalles are available in 100mm but my toes are more pinched in the Pigalles 100mm than the So Kate 120mm.

Pros: If the magic jean from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has a shoe sibling it would be the Louboutin So Kate – this pair of shoes will look good on anyone (only this magic shoe costs a lot more pretty pennies).
Cons: Louboutin is infamous for making uncomfortable shoes and the So Kate is no exception. I have yet to purchase this shoe because I really doubt my ability to actually wear it out. However, I still want a pair even just to look at and put it on at times because it is just that pretty (I’m so hopeless)!

5. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals5. Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals
If I have to pick a designer shoe with the lowest “value” for your money, it might be the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals purely because this sandal requires minimal materials. However, the nudist sandals are still on my wish list because they are actually comfortable and the barely-there-look goes with every outfit!

Pros: When I tried these sandals in stores, I was shocked at how comfortable it was and how sturdy the 4.5 inch heel felt. Although here is barely anything holding your feet to the shoe, I didn’t feel any movement in my ankles or the shoes “loose” on my feet. Stuart Weitzman also offers Nudistsong sandals that are the same just with a slightly lower heel at 3.75 inches.
Cons: I have yet to accept the price of this sandal. The nudist must command the highest price per square inch of leather.

6. YSL Tribute Sandals6. YSL Tribute Sandals
This would be the sandal I put on if I want to have an instant boost of height / confidences but still need to walk around. I also really like the platform narrowing inwards at the bottom. It makes the platform not as bulky looking and adds to the leg lengthening effect.

Pros: The 1.2 inch platform makes this 5.3 inch heel much more manageable. This shoe also comes in a mid-heel version with 4.3 inches. If I win the lottery, I would definitely buy both!
Cons: I don’t particular like the amount of materials at the front of the shoe. When I see “too much” materials on a sandal, the unpleasant thought of warm feet comes to mind. I definitely have weird thoughts =P.

7. Louboutin Bellissima Booties7. Christian Louboutin Booties
If I have any hope of walking in a Louboutin shoe then it will have to be a bootie (or boot). Small toe box and heel height are my two biggest challenges with Louboutin shoes. I think booties usually have a slightly bigger toe box and the ankle support on a bootie will help me conquer the heel height.

Pros: I think Louboutin booties would look better in suede than leather. The suede material along with bigger toe box and ankle support will theoretically make the shoes slightly more comfortable.
Cons: Louboutin boots and booties are more expensive than normal pumps. Another downside is you can wear pumps year around but boots or booties are more appropriate during the cooler months.

8. Schutz Juliana Sandals8. Schutz Juliana Sandals
I have recently become obsessed with the Schutz Juliana sandals and since the weather is cold, I have a few months to hunt for them on sale. The pink would be perfect for the summer!

Pros: From reviews online, it seems this sandal is pretty comfy. The price is also more affordable compare to other designer shoes!
Cons: Some reviews mention loose straps around the ankle and feet. I still need to try on a pair to confirm the fit.

9. Ferragamo Vara Pumps9. Ferragamo Vara Pumps
This shoe would perfect if you want the comfort of flats and the height boost of heels. I love the classic shape of this pump and think it’s very beautiful and feminine.

Pros: Ferragamo is known for the craftsmanship of their shoes. Also, I love the different color combos available on this shoe making it more “young” looking.
Cons: I have heard this pump can take some time to break in.


Thanks for reading! If you own any of these shoes, please share your reviews and thoughts or share what designer shoes are on your wish list!

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