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New Handbag Crushes!

Some of my most read blog posts are about handbags! It’s exciting (and scary in some sense) to know that so many people are just as obsessed with handbags as I am! Today, I just want to share a few of my new handbag crushes. Thank you for letting me share, sometimes it feels so good just to let all the handbag love out =D


1. Hermes Kelly Cut (HP)

1. Hermes Kelly Cut
Recently the Hermes Kelly Cut has been super popular on Instagram and a new handbag crush of mine. Between the Birkin and the Kelly, I actually prefer the Birkin but the Kelly Cut is a whole another story. The Kelly Cut is such a cute and chic clutch! According to BragMyBag, the Kelly Cut retails for 3,300 euros; a pretty good price for a Hermes handbags. However, true to Hermes, this bag is likely extremely hard to find / get your hands on because the price of a Kelly Cut on the resale market is over $10K! Love the Kelly Cut but for now I can’t afford the clutch.

2. Gucci

2. Gucci Interlocking G Leather Shoulder Bag
I am not a big fan of Gucci handbags mostly because I find Gucci bags to be too “busy”. However, this Gucci Interlocking G Leather Shoulder Bag on sale on Gilt stunned me. The shape and double chain remind me of the Chanel classic flap and the leather and closure remind me of the Celine Box. Both classic and beautiful handbags that are right up my alley!

My only concern would be the leather. I love the glossy look of the leather but I wonder if it will be easily scratchable. If the leather is similar to the glossy Antigona calfskin leather that is pretty scratch resistant then I think this bag will be perfect. However, if the leather is similar to the Celine Box and can be easily scratched then I would be somewhat hesitant. I also love this shade of pink and the $1.5K price tag is good deal relative to other designer bags!

3. Luana Anais3. Luana Anais Shoulder Bag
I have never heard of Luana Italy until I was browsing on Nordstrom Rack one day and found the Luana Anais shoulder bag. I love the simple design and the unique chain! The price tag is also much more wallet friendly at ~$300 but I’ve been both the mini and regular shoulder bags on Nordstrom Rack and Gilt for around $150!

The silhouette of the Anais bag reminds me of the Celine Box and the closure reminds me of the Phillip Lim Pashli bag. I am waiting for a blush or white Anais to re-appear on Nordstrom Rack or Gilt for ~$150!

4. Diorever4. Diorever
Dior has been heavily promoting the Diorever, I have seen ads for this bag everywhere! At first, it didn’t catch my eyes but the more I saw the ads the more I liked the bag. Guess the campaigns are working! I like the metallic versions of this bag but realistically I would get a more neutral color.

I see a combination of a few bags in the Diorever. The flap closure reminds me of the Birkin, the circles and the half ellipse shapes somehow remind me of the YSL Sac de Jour, and the hardware tab in the middle actually reminds me of the closure on the Valentino Rockstud Double Handle bag. I like the design of this bag but if I were to buy a Dior bag, the Lady Dior or Diorama would still be on top of my list!

5. Chloe Faye5. Chloe Faye
The Chloe Drew and Chloe Faye came out around the same time and you were either in the Chloe Drew camp or the Chloe Faye camp. For the longest time, I was on the Chloe Drew camp and barely registered the Faye. However, recently I found myself completely shifting to the Chloe Faye camp. My favorite is the dark brown leather with the lighter brown suede flap!

I love the mixture of leather and texture on the Chloe Faye bags. Also strangely, I really like the large circle hardware with the magnetic closure. Out of the two sizes, I like the medium size Faye more but the small size is also super cute! I think one day I will get the Chloe Faye but for now, I will work on getting other handbags on my wish list with higher priorities!

If you are looking to buy Chloe bags, get them from Harrods or Selfridges; you can save a few hundred dollars by purchasing from a European retailer!



As always thanks for reading, let me know if you have any recent bag crushes and please share with fellow bag lovers!

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  • Reply Orange Juice April 12, 2016 at 12:48 am

    I need the Hermes Kelly Cut ASAP! Such a beautiful delicate little thing. It replaces number 3 bag on my list :))) I think green or red will look cute <3

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