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My Absolute Favorite Bootie of the Year!

My absolute favorite bootie this year is the Ted Baker Lorca 2 booties! I purchased the booties from Nordstroms but Amazon is currently having a 25% off this booties using the promo code HOLIDAYS25! I love the Ted Baker Lorca 2 booties because it is super comfortable, well made and the simple shape is beautiful and sleek.

1.1 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Front1.2 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Front1.3 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Side
1.4 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Back

2.1 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties Selection

Leather Types and Colors
The Ted Baker Lorca 2 booties come in four different colors and in either leather or suede. I was debating between the black leather, tan leather and the dark green suede. I think the black leather would let the gold rims stand out and the dark green suede would look stunning with dark jeans! However, I decided on the tan leather in the end because I have too many black booties and also because I think the tan color is very unique.

The leather on this bootie is incredibly smooth and high quality! It is comparable to Stuart Weitzman’s smooth napa leather but feels “thicker” / has more substance.

The tan leather does turned brown / black when I accidently sprinkled some water on it, but once it dries the color went back to the light tan. Therefore, I think the leather is untreated. The black leather will be fine but the tan leather will likely darken over time. The couple of times I got water on it, it did not leave any watermarks but I am definitely not going to wear this bootie out if there is any chance of rain.

Note: On Amazon, certain leather types and sizes are on sale! For example, the dark purple suede in size 6.5 is on sale for $160.44 then with the additional 25% discount, the price will be $120.33!

3.1 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Side
3.2 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Side3.3 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Front3.4 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Bottom3.5 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Back3.6 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Side

3.5 Inch Heel Height – The heel height offers the perfect amount of height boost while letting you walk around comfortably.

Straight Chunky Heel – The chunky heel is studier and more comfortable to walk in than a skinny heel. Also I love the perfectly straight heel, it makes the booties look more polished and makes the heel height look taller!

Gold Rim – Although the bootie is very simple, the gold rim around the front of the shoe is a very thoughtful and beautiful touch. The simplicity of this heel makes it very classic and easy to pair with any outfits. However, in my opinion, the gold rim adds an understated touch of style.

Leather Sole – The sole of this bootie is leather with gold lettering. This is actually the first leather sole shoe I’ve purchased because they are usually very pricey and because I think leather soles wear away faster. After a couple wears, I’ve noticed the gold letters are starting to wear away but thankfully the sole is not wearing away any faster. Usually the sole is glued or stamped on, but on this bootie the sole is sewn onto the shoe, which is another indication of the quality (see picture above).

Back Zipper – I love the smooth, back zipper not only because it lets me get in and out of the bootie very easily but also I love the dangling piece of leather! I think it adds an element of fun to this simple bootie! The leather is easily removable if you would prefer the look without or if you are attending a more formal event.

Padded Footbed – The footbed of this bootie is slightly padded; it feels like the air cushion from Cole Haans. I have walked around in this bootie for up to 5 hours and have not experience any soreness on the balls or heels of my feet =D

Width – I was hesitant in the beginning to purchase this bootie because the width looks narrow in pictures online. I have normal width feet and usually will feel shoes pinch if the width is too narrow. Good thing I purchased these booties to try because although the shoe looks narrow, it fits perfectly and I don’t feel any pinching! I think it has to do with the roomier “height” at the front part of the shoe.

Size & Fit – I am a size 5.5/6 so originally I ordered a US size 6, this somehow corresponds to a European size 37. This is the first time I’ve come across this mix-match in size, normally a US size 6 is a European size 36 (the single digits should match). I had to exchange for a US size 5 (European size 35.5) and it fit perfectly. So if you are considering buying the Ted Baker Lorca booties make sure you order half to a full US size down!

Breaking In & Comfort – My legs aren’t very straight, it curves a little outside from the ankle so it took me a few hours to break in to this shoe. The breaking in part was on the leather rim around the ankle area. If your legs are straight then you won’t have this problem the rest of the shoes does no require any breaking in at all. However, in case you are like me and your legs are slightly curved then this bootie will take a little bit to break in. Once the leather around the rim softens a little bit, this bootie becomes super comfortable!


  • High quality smooth leather
  • Simple and classic silhouette with beautiful details
  • Perfect heel height (height boost but still comfortable)
  • Padded footbed makes the bootie extra comfortable
  • Smooth back zipper (easy to get in and out of)
  • Beautifully made with stitching even on the sole of the shoe!


  • Untreated tan leather, can darken and be scuffed over time
  • Leather sole and gold lettering will wear away
  • Slightly pricey without a discount ($230 regular price)
  • Slightly curved legs will require a couple hours to break in

4.1 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Front4.2 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Side4.3 Ted Baker Lorca 2 Booties_Side


Thanks so much for reading! If you are looking for a new bootie this season, consider the Ted Baker Lorca 2 booties and make sure you take advantage of the 25% discount on Amazon!


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