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Guitar Straps (Handbag Shoulder Straps) From 13 Designers

Guitar straps or handbag shoulder straps have been super popular in the last few years. I am surprised it took designers this long to come out with fun and interchangeable shoulder straps. Handbag charms have been around for ages but fun and unique shoulder straps are only a recent phenomenon.

Personally between handbag charms and shoulder straps, I would rather spend my money on shoulder straps because they are actually useful, offer an alternative way to carry the bag and can change up the look. Often designer bags come with straps that are either too long or too short – purchasing an alternative strap at the perfect length can make a big difference.

Here are 13 designers that offer various shoulder straps in alphabetical order (with the exception of Fendi – because it was the first to market, I am including them first). The shoulder straps also range from $85 to $1,000+ so there is something for all budgets!

Fendi Guitar Straps
As far as I am aware, Fendi was the first to introduce guitar straps. Fendi offers straps in various leathers, designs and colors. These straps are definitely pricey at $800+; even though I don’t plan on buying Fendi guitar straps, I still appreciate the company’s designs. To me, Fendi has the most unique and fun designs out of all the designers.

Alexander Wang Guitar Straps
Alexander Wang guitar straps are true to his style: simple and edgy. The current straps available on the market all come in the black leather with metal stud or chain details. The straps retail for $250+, which is reasonable price compared to all other designer straps. I have been tempted to get one for my black Givenchy Antigona.

Anya Hindmarch Shoulder Straps
Anya Hindmarch has a great selection of shoulder straps with unique designs, very Fendi-esk, but at a much affordable price point. Anya Hindmarch Shoulder Straps are my favorite out of these 13 designers due to its design and price point ($200+ retail price).

Dior Handbag Straps
Dior currently offers lambskin cannage pattern handbag straps in black and white and four variations of J’ADIOR shoulder straps in calfskin leather. The website doesn’t discloses prices (you would have to inquire in Dior boutiques) but I would assume these straps would retail for $800+. Personally I don’t like the J’ADIOR line at all. I would prefer the simple cannage pattern for the straps but I would be concerned with the durability of the lambskin.

Kate Spade Guitar Straps
I actually have a Kate Spade guitar strap – it is plain red in pebbled leather on one side and then black & white on the other. I purchased the strap to use with my Celine Nano Luggage (original strap too long) and Givenchy Antigona (original strap too short). I love that most Kate Spade straps are reversible and are adjustable. Best of all, the straps are affordable at $128 and can be found on sale. Most straps also come with tassels that you can use as bag charms.

Loewe Guitar Straps
Loewe currently offers a few different guitar straps – my favorite is the two “braided” leather. Loewe guitar straps retail for $450+.

Louboutin Shoulder Straps
I was surprised that Louboubtin offers shoulder straps but it makes sense since the company has been expanding into handbags recently. Yet, I would have to say out of the 13 designers, Louboutin offers the most-out-there design. These designs are definitely not my style and they also come with hefty $900+ price tags.

Marc Jacob Guitar Straps
Marc Jacob guitar straps are affordable at $85+. Most of the straps on the market are textile. I like the price point but I personally don’t like the designs.

Michael Kors Handbag Straps
Michael Kors also offers quite a few shoulder straps options and retail for $98 (some are currently on sale for $39)! My favorite is the red strap with the metal grommet!

Prada Handbag Straps
Prada also offers various handbag strap designs and retails for $400+. Besides Fendi, I think Prada has the biggest selection of straps in terms of color, materials, and design.

Proenza Schouler Whipstitch Guitar Straps
Proenza Schouler currently offers four guitar strap designs: braided and interwoven leather and chain. PS guitar straps retail for $350.

Rebecca Minkoff Guitar Straps
Rebecca Minkoff guitar straps are also fun and affordable at $95. When I was debating between guitar straps, it was between Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff for me due to the affordability and reversibility of their straps.

Valentino Guitar Straps
Valentino has a few guitar strap options and retails for $895. I am surprised it doesn’t have more rockstud designs; instead the straps available currently are mostly woven straps from its Native Coutour Collection. You can also customize your guitar straps on Valentino’s website which is pretty neat.


Thank you for visiting! Hopefully you enjoyed looking through these eye candies! In my opinion, every handbag lover should own shoulder straps – you just need to find a design you love at a price point you are comfortable with!

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