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My Favorite Chanel Handbags

Chanel is without a doubt one of my favorite handbag brands – I love its rich history, classic designs, timeless aura, luscious leather, and fine craftsmanship. Despite the high price tags and constant (and annoying) price increases, I am still a Chanel enthusiast. Here are my current favorite Chanel bags!

Chanel Classic Flap (M/L)
The first bag on my list is the Chanel Classic Flap. Besides the minis, the Classic Flap comes in 4 different sizes: small, medium / large, jumbo, and maxi. I never liked the small or maxi and only debated between the M/L and jumbo. Ultimately, I decided to get the M/L because I don’t carry around a ton of stuff, it is considerably lighter and the size is more proportional for my height. I have been wanting a Classic Flap for years and finally after two price increases, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a M/L Classic Flap in the black lambskin with silver hardware. I love my Classic Flap and even though I don’t use it often because I don’t want to baby the lambskin I have no regrets and won’t change a single thing.

Chanel Rectangular Mini Flap
The second bag on my list is the Chanel Rectangular Mini. The rectangular mini flap with red caviar leather is on my wish list but because I have quite a few red bags, I am also considering burgundy, pink, and potentially green. Mini bags are perfect to play with fun colors! The rectangular mini is a great option if you like the classic flap design but you don’t want to pay full price. It is also the perfect bag if you like Chanel WOCs but need a little more room for your daily essentials.

Chanel Square Mini Flap
I also love the square mini – although I am pretty certain the rectangular mini will be my next Chanel, sometimes I still debate between the rectangle mini and square mini. Both the rectangular and square mini used to be $2,900 but Chanel increased the rectangular mini to $3,100 in early 2017. The price difference is not enough to sway me to a particular bag but it indicates that the rectangular minis are more popular. Personally, the pros for the square mini include: it is the original mini design, the strap length is better for my 5’2” height and it is more unique / looks slightly different than my M/L flap. The pros for the rectangular mini include: it will fit the iPhone 6s Plus easily and I can see myself wearing it for longer than the square mini.

Chanel Coco Handle
I really like the Chanel Coco Handle because it is a very versatile bag – it can be worn handheld or over-the-shoulder / cross-body. The Coco Handle comes in four sizes: mini, small, medium and large (I personally like the small size). Relative to Chanel’s other bags, the Coco Handle is more attractively priced. The small Coco Handle measures 7.3” x 11.4” x 4.7” and retails for $3,300, it is comparable to the M/L Classic Flap which measures 6.3” x 10.2” x 2.8” and retails for $4,900. The Coco Handle is much bigger compared to the rectangular mini which measures 7.8” x 5” x 2.5” and retails for $3,100. I also like how the shape and handle of the bag balance out the classic quilting to make the Coco Handle more casual. Overall, I think the Coco handle is a great bag and even though it is relatively new, I think we will be seeing this bag around for a while.

Chanel Boy
The Chanel Boy is troublesome – sometimes I’m obsessed with it and other times, I would rather get a Classic Flap or get a Diorama. Overall, I am including the Boy on this list because eventually I do want to get a Chanel Boy in the old medium size with the large chevron quilting. The Boy comes in four different sizes: small, old medium, new medium and large. I like the larger chain, bolder hardware, and more masculine shape of the Boy. However, I don’t like how the bag is not all leather even though it is priced similar to the Classic Flaps.

Chanel Reissue 2.55
The Chanel Reissue 2.55 looks very similar to the Classic Flap but with two key differences: the mademoiselle lock and the all chain strap. I used to prefer the Classic Flap but now I have a deeper appreciation for the Reissue. I like how it is the original bag that Coco Chanel designed in 1955 and I am falling in love with the slightly understated design. Lastly I love the casual look of the Reissue with the aged calfskin! The Reissue comes in three sizes and is priced similar to the Classic Flap.

Chanel Tote
Chanel totes are a favorite among handbag enthusiasts. The GSP and the Executive Cerf totes are Chanel’s most well-known designs. However, Chanel offers various tote designs – they are all pretty similar yet still different. My favorite is the Timeless Classic Tote, which I believe was from last seasons (see picture from Spotted Fashion above). To me the Timeless Classic Tote is the most simple and beautiful.

Chanel Vanity Case
Chanel’s Vanity Case is one of my recent obsessions. Every time the Vanity Case in the blush color pops up on my Instagram feed, I always find my eyes lingering for a few extra seconds. The bag is feminine and so pretty – it is so tempting to impulse buy this bag but I am going to resist! I think the blush and green colors are my favorites, the blush would be for everyday while the green is just stunning! This bag is also very similar to the Gucci Soho Disco, which has been on my wish list for so long. The downside of the Gucci Soho Disco is it will lose its shape over time. The Chanel Vanity Case looks probably will retain its structure better but the downside is its 3x price. I like this bag so much that I think it might beat out the Chanel Rectangular Mini.

Chanel Backpack
Backpacks are making a big comeback – most major designers have a backpack offering. My favorite is the Chanel backpack purely because it is the prettiest out of all the options. Backpacks are definitely very convenient when you are traveling or want to be completely hands free. There is something about the Chanel chevron and classic quiltings that adds just the right amount of “girly” touch to the backpack.

Chanel Bag Excluded – Chanel WOC
Chanel WOCs are super popular but I am actually excluding it from this list – I do like the WOC but would never purchase it so I don’t think it would be fair to include. There are three main reasons why I wouldn’t purchase the WOC. One, the chain on the WOC is way too long for me. Two, I have two other WOCs (Ferragamo Miss Vara and Miss Dior) and don’t see the need for another. Three, I can’t see myself spending $2K on a WOC, I would rather pay a little extra and get the minis that fit slightly more.


Thank so much for reading my list, please share which Chanel bags are your favorite in the comment box below!

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  • Reply Maria December 4, 2017 at 5:36 pm


    Shat is the price or extra mini now in December 2017?
    Is it hard to find the bag in black colour?
    And is it better to buy it in Italy or Uk?

    Thank you 😊😊

    • Happy Pursuits
      Reply Happy Pursuits December 5, 2017 at 2:01 am

      In the US the rectangular mini is $3,300 while the square mini is $3,100. Per, the rectangular mini is retailing for 2,610 euros in Italy vs. 2,330 pounds in UK. Assuming the same VAT return rate of 15%, and euro / pound exchange rate to USD of $1.19 and $1.35, the mini would cost $35 higher in USD if you purchase it in UK. I believe the VAT return rate is actually higher in Italy so you should be able to save slightly more. Hope this helps!

      • Reply Maria December 5, 2017 at 4:10 am


        Thank you a lot. Your post is very helpful and beautiful 🙂
        Is it hard to find the Extra mini in the stores in Europe? In black colour?
        I saw that the price of extra mini is 1620€ and somewhere says its 2320€. What is the right price do you know?

    • Happy Pursuits
      Reply Happy Pursuits December 9, 2017 at 4:31 pm

      Hi Maria, those are the prices for the rectangular mini in Dec 2017, I think the extra mini is an even smaller size – I am not sure if this size is still available currently. The minis are pretty hard to find, especially for black, I know certain stores have waitlists that you can put yourself on. Between Italy and UK, you will save a little more by buying from Italy =) Hope this helps!

  • Reply Orange Juice July 28, 2017 at 11:59 am

    I totally forgot about the new medium and old medium!!! I think I got the old medium boy? Not too sure now. And feel like I haven’t seen that many new mediums. Help!

    • Happy Pursuits
      Reply Happy Pursuits July 29, 2017 at 10:34 pm

      I think your bag is the old medium – the perfect size! =D

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