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Aquazzura Shoes – 42 Styles to Drool Over

“A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes”

Recently I have been head over heels with Aquazzura shoes so I decided to write a post and pull pictures of 42 styles so we can drool over these beautiful shoes together! Remember to read my quick thoughts on the style & section, comfort, where to find them on sale, and whether they are worth the money at the end of the post!

Belgravia Pumps // Belgravia Flats (Black on sale for $329) // Christy Pumps (Size 9.5 on sale for $260) // Christy Flats (On sale for $269) // Wild Things Sandals // Wild Things City SandalsForever Marilyn // Forever Marilyn Flats (Red on sale for $279) // Amazon Pumps // Amazon Sandals (Size 5, White on sale for $279) // Sexy Things Sandals // Sexy Things Wedges Pasadena Pumps // Sun Cut Out Sandals // Spin Me Around Heels // Spin Me Around Sandals (Blush on sale for $349) // Hello Lover 105 // Hello Lover FlatsDolce Vita Pump // Matilde Pumps (Size 40 on sale for $348) // Holli Chunky Sandals // Holli Flats // Dancer Plateau Pumps (Size 8.5 on sale for $358)// Dancer Pump

Alix Pump 105 // Alix Pump 50 // Ami Sandals (On sale for $238!!!) // Zani Peep Tote // French Lover // Linda So Pocahontas // Oh La La (On sale for $448) // Tyra Sandal 105 // St. Tropez // Beverly Hills 105 // Beverly Hills 50Frankie Pump 105 // Casanova Sandal 105 // Cape Town Espadrille 90 // Zola Sandal 105 // Tropicana Sandal 105 // Tropicana Sandal 50


Aquazzura Brand – Quick Background
Aquazzura is known for its beautiful heels with fun strappy designs and its golden pineapple. Edgardo Osorio founded Aquazzura in 2011; he was just 25 year old and had worked with other luxury brand in the industry for 10 years. Based on the Company’s website, Edgardo wanted to create stylish yet wearable footwear for the modern woman. Aquazzura means blue waters in Italian!

Style & Selection
One thing I love about Aquazzura is the brand’s creativity – the Company continuously pushes new fun designs to the market. Unlike other designer brands that rely on one or two classic styles; Aquazurra offers a wide variety of great designs.

I also love the fact that each design comes in various heel heights! Yes, high heels and sexy legs are sought after but so is comfort! Aquazzura will often times make the same design in high stilettos heels, lower block heels and flats. So if a woman likes a certain design, she can also pick her ideal heel height. This is so brilliant and truly customer centric – hopefully all other shoe designers will start to pick it up!

Are they Comfortable?
Yes, Yes, Yes! Aquazzura shoes are super comfortable! I have never tried any Aquazzura shoes in leather so I can’t speak to them but I do own two pairs of Aquazzura heels in suede and honestly they are the most comfortable heels ever.

Aquazzura has this concept and shoes called the “second skin” which might sound weird but you will totally understand when you put on a pair of Aquazzuras. In the designer’s words “once a women tried any of my second-skin shoes, which feel like slipping your foot into a glove, it’s hard to walk in other heels”.

In my own words: when you slip your feet into Aquazzura shoes, it literally feels like the suede is gently wrapping around your feet like a second-skin. It is really hard to describe but the fit of these shoes are incredible – the suede has an imaginary suction pulling your feet in and then molding itself to the shape of your feet. Long story short, yes they are so so comfortable, I would highly recommend you to go to a story and try them on!

Where to Find them On Sale
The retail price of Aquazzura shoes can be intimidating, they tend to range from $500 –$1,000. However, don’t let that deter you because I’ve seen so many styles on sale for ~$300!

Farfetch is the best site to check first, they always have great deals on various Aquazzura shoes! I’ve also seen Aquazzura shoes sale at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Net-a-Porter, Louisaviaroma, Shopbop, Mytheresa, and more! If you have a specific style in mind then I would Google the name of the shoe directly and click on the Google shopping link to see if it is on sale at a particular retailer.

One last recommendation is to keep an open mind about the color! Even though the classic colors do go on sale, if you find the style you like but it is in a fun, bright color, you shouldn’t rule them out immediately. Aquazzura shoes in non-traditional colors are more fun and unique!

Are Aquazzura Shoes Worth the Money?
This is the hardest question to answer because it depends on each individual’s disposable income and perception of what is worth it and what is not. Overall, I would say at full retail price of $600-$700, it is worth it if you honestly cannot think of anything you would rather spend your money on. Then if you are able to find any Aquazzura shoes on sale for ~$300 (and you like the design and color) then I would say without a doubt, yes they are so worth it! Design and comfort alone make these shoes a bargain at ~$300. I can’t speak to the durability of these shoes yet – I will update this post once the weather warms up and I can break out my Aquazzura sandals!


Thank you for visiting! If you have a minute, please let me know which style is your favorite in the comments below!

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  • Reply Virve Georgeson October 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    My favourite is Wild Thing City Sandal, because it illustrates the quintessential nature of Aquazzura. That sandal is lower heel copy of it’s sister sandal in a 4 inch stiletto – which would be my favourite if my ankles could take it! I’m a big fan of Aquazzura shoes because of the company’s dedication to making very stylish yet comfortable shoes – and I’m all about comfort in shoes. (I have a company producing a newly invented high heel shoe insert). Aquazzura high heels are made with thin suede linings to allow the shoe to maximally mold to the foot to prevent some – or even most maybe- of the movement of the foot inside the shoes. (Most high heels do not have this type of ‘gripping’ lining which is why feet will slide forward inside 99% of high heels) Aquazzura also has a policy of making many of their leading edge very high heel styles in flats and lower heels recognizing that many women’s feet cannot tolerate high or even moderate 3 inches, but that these women still love the look of leading edge shoe fashion. So what’s not to love about this new shoe design company! Great article. Take care, Virve Georgeson

    • Happy Pursuits
      Reply Happy Pursuits October 22, 2017 at 12:24 am

      Virve, thank you for leaving a message! I also love the multiple heel height options (of the same design) from Aquazzura, sometimes even though the high heels look so great, it’s better to get the practical lower heels 😉

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