About Me

Hello, my name is Li.

I am a huge lover of handbags and a developing shoe addict. I started Happy Pursuits as a creative outlet to practice writing and share my thoughts on handbags, shoes, beauty, personal finance, travel, and more. I try to post every Sunday, but occasionally will not refresh the content if work is too busy or if life gets in the way.

Since graduating college and working in the financial services industry, numbers and spreadsheets have dominated my world. During my third year as an investment banker, I realized I was becoming a robot with zero creativity. That was not acceptable. Besides, I have so many thoughts on handbags, skincare, and personal finance topics, and my close friends and family can only take so much of me chatting away about handbag designs or heel heights.

Starting Happy Pursuits was one of the best decisions in my life – working on the blog brings me so much joy in an unexplainable way. A sincere thank you for visiting my blog and hopefully you enjoy the content!