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2017 Black Friday Deals Checklist

Black Friday is almost upon us! To be disciplined and efficient, I’ve decided to write down a list of items on my wishlist and only check the sales on these items. I’ve generally found that sales are better after Christmas so although I love Black Friday, I never go crazy. Here are the goodies on my Black Friday deals checklist:

  1. Cloud White and Blue Plaid Coat – I have been eyeing this coat for a few months and will be ordering it during Black Friday. I love the color combination of the dark / light blue, white, black, and grey with the large plaid design. The coat is made of 85% polyester and 15% wool and won’t be warm so I plan on wearing a light Uniqlo puffer jacket underneath.
  2. Maida Double-Breasted Peacoat Juniper – I am obsessed with this coat after seeing it on InTheFrow. I normally never buy any apparel from my favorite bloggers even if I like them because I don’t want to be a “copy-cat” but I honestly can’t resist this coat! I love the moss green color, the cut, the fit, and the length of the coat will be perfect for my height. This coat has been out of stock for so long, I’m so glad it’s back! It’s currently retailing for $555 so I really hope Reiss has a Black Friday sale!
  3. Babaton Spencer Coat – This burgundy color coat is perfect for fall! On top of the color, I love the collar design and the belt. Aritzia coats also fit well on my body frame. The coat is made of 74% wool, 20% polyamide, and 6% cashmere. It looks thin so I will likely also wear a light Uniqlo puffer jacket underneath for extra warmth.
  4. Tipped Topcoat in Italian Stadium-Cloth Wool – The last coat on my list is this wool coat from JCrew. The navy blue and the trench design make the coat very classic. Yet the white lining around the lapel makes the coat look more modern and sleek!

Note: make sure to use Ebates for Black Friday, actual %s might change but Ebates currently offers 1% on Lulus, 3% on Reiss, and 10% on JCrew!

  1. Strathberry East West Shoulder Bag – Strathberry’s East West shoulder bag is my newest obsession so I am keeping an eye on it during Black Friday. I love the metal bar closure and the simple yet beautiful design of the bag is right up my alley. Too bad this bag doesn’t come in a blush / light pink, I think it would be super pretty with the design. For now, I’m undecided between dark green, taupe, and pearl grey.
  2. Meadow Double Zip Camera Bag – This bag reminds me of the Gucci Soho Disco (excluding the hefty price), which was on my wish list for so long. The bag comes in numerous colors and two sizes ($180 for regular and $145 for mini). You can also personalize it for an additional $10. The shape of a camera bag is timeliness and I think it would be a very practical and carefree bag for weekend errands and travel.
  3. Fashionphile – There are a few handbags that I’m eyeing on Fashionphile. I believe Fashionphile had a 10% discount on all bags last year but I’m not 100% certain. On top of my list is the white & yellow Celine Edge for $635! Also on my list are Diorama, Chloe Faye, Celine Classic Box in caramel, and Lady Dior.

Note: make sure to use Ebates for Black Friday, actual %s might change but Ebates currently offers 8% on Saks Fifth Avenue! Also if you have the Chase Freedom credit card, you can get 5% cash back on department stores this quarter!

  1. Chloe Lauren Suede Scallop Pumps – I’ve wanted a pair of these Chloe Lauren Scallop Pumps for months now but I’m holding out until I can find a light color pair on sale! These pumps look so comfy and versatile: they are professional enough to be worn in the office and casual enough to be worn on the weekends.
  2. Cole Haan Justine Pumps – If I can’t find the Chloe Lauren Scallop Pumps on sale then I plan on purchasing a block heel pump from Cole Haan. I love Cole Haan shoes, they are always well made and comfortable. Cole Haan has discounts often but most of the time the sales are final and non-refundable which is tricky if you aren’t certain on the fit. Hopefully I can save a couple pretty pennies on Black Friday and still make sure return is an option in case I order the wrong size.
  3. Stuart Weitzman Midland Boots – My love for Stuart Weitzman continues. Like a lot of ladies out there, I love my Stuart Weitzman Highland boots but I want a shorter heel version. The SW Lowlands are an option but I will take all the height I can get so the SW Midland is the perfect alternative. My ideal color for an SW Midland boot is walnut or black.

Note: make sure to use Ebates for Black Friday, actual %s might change but Ebates currently offers 3% on and 2.5% on Cole Haan!

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