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FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Review (+ Clarisonic Brush Comparison)

In my opinion, everyone should have a facial cleansing tool – whether it is a simple washcloth, a brush or any device that helps to exfoliate and better remove your makeup or any skincare product buildups. Of course, cleansing with your hands is fine but if you want to take your skincare to the next level then a cleansing device can make a big difference.

The two main options on the market are FOREO LUNA facial brushes or Clarisonic brushes. Please read on to find out which FOREO brush I think is the best and the factors that can help you decide whether to go with a FOREO or Clarisonic!

Note: I have both the FOREO LUNA 2 mini brush and the Clarisonic PRO brush.

FOREO LUNA series comes in three sizes at various price points.

The FOREO LUNA 2 retails for $199 and comes in four designs for different skin types: combination, normal, sensitive, and oily.

The FOREO LUNA 2 Mini retails for $139 and comes in five colors but it is only available for normal skin.

The FOREO LUNA go retails for $99 and also comes in four designs for different skin types: combination, normal, sensitive, and oily.

Between these two options I personally think the mini version is the way go to for the following reasons:

  • You save $60
  • Mini version is smaller, more travel friendly and fits better in your hands
  • Even though the brush head area is larger on the regular LUNA 2, you won’t need it. Due to the curvature of your face, the larger brush area won’t be able to clean your face at all times anyways.
  • Although the brush heads look different for various skin types, I don’t think it will make much of a difference. I personally have normal and sensitive skin and think the Mini 2 works fine.

Bewteen these two options, I personally think the Mini 2 is still the way just because the slightly bigger size will make it more efficient in cleaning your face.

  • Reasons for FOREO LUNA Mini 2
    • Bigger brush area – more efficient in cleaning your face
  • Reasons for FOREO LUNA go
    • $30 cheaper
    • Smaller and even more travel friendly (approximately the size of a cotton pad)
    • Offers different options for skin types (although I personally don’t think it makes a difference)

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