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Aquazzura Shoes – 42 Styles to Drool Over

“A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes”

Recently I have been head over heels with Aquazzura shoes so I decided to write a post and pull pictures of 42 styles so we can drool over these beautiful shoes together! Remember to read my quick thoughts on the style & section, comfort, where to find them on sale, and whether they are worth the money at the end of the post!

Belgravia Pumps // Belgravia Flats (Black on sale for $329) // Christy Pumps (Size 9.5 on sale for $260) // Christy Flats (On sale for $269) // Wild Things Sandals // Wild Things City SandalsForever Marilyn // Forever Marilyn Flats (Red on sale for $279) // Amazon Pumps // Amazon Sandals (Size 5, White on sale for $279) // Sexy Things Sandals // Sexy Things Wedges Pasadena Pumps // Sun Cut Out Sandals // Spin Me Around Heels // Spin Me Around Sandals (Blush on sale for $349) // Hello Lover 105 // Hello Lover FlatsDolce Vita Pump // Matilde Pumps (Size 40 on sale for $348) // Holli Chunky Sandals // Holli Flats // Dancer Plateau Pumps (Size 8.5 on sale for $358)// Dancer Pump

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Dr. Weil for Origins – Mega Mushroom Skincare Review

Time to review one of my favorite serums from the Dr. Weil for Origins – Mega Mushroom Skincare line. Actually it is not one of my favorite, it is my favorite and the only serum that I’ve repurchased and will continue to repurchase because the product works and offers great value for your money! I have tried four products from the skincare line; overall, I love the serum, like the cleanser and lotion but did not like the face cream. This skincare line is centered around the reishi mega mushroom (more details on this mega mushroom later in the post).

Dr. Weil Mega Relief Set
The set I got was the Mega Relief set which includes a 50ml cleanser, 50ml soothing lotion, 30 ml serum and 30ml face cream. I got the set from Sephora which didn’t include the makeup bag. The current set was retailing on Origins’ website for $72 ($111 value). Unfortunately, it is no longer on the website but I would keep an eye out for these value sets if you want to try a few products.

If you only want to try one or two of the items, I would suggest wait until Sephora’s Friends & Family sale in April to get 15% off!

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser
This mega-mushroom face cleanser is extremely gentle so if you have sensitive skin then this will be a good option for you. It is non-foaming and very similar to the Fresh Soy Cleanser and the Liz Earle Cleanser. With these non-foaming cleansers, I am convinced it doesn’t do a good job of deep cleaning and definitely would not be able to take off makeup. It is best to use it in the morning when you need a gentle cleanser or use it your as the second cleanser after you take off your makeup using a stronger cleanser. This cleanser leaves my skin extremely smooth and supple. Overall, I like it and will keep an eye out to see if it comes in a set with the serum but I will unlikely buy this separately.

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion
The mega-mushroom skin relief soothing lotion is basically a toner you use after cleaning your skin and before you put on the serum. It is a clear liquid that isn’t sticky but is definitely more hydrating than your usual toner. I currently love the Caudalie Grape Water and I find this soothing lotion to be more hydrating. The only annoying part is the large opening of the 50ml bottle so I have to be careful every time to not pour out half of the bottle. I like this lotion and similar to the cleanser, I will keep an eye out to see if it comes in a set with the serum but I will probably not buy this separately.

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum
Now onto my favorite serum, the mega-mushroom skin relief advanced face serum. I Love this serum. I have tried so many serums over the last 9 years and have never repurchased any because I love trying new products and didn’t find any product good enough or a must have that I needed to repurchase. This serum was the first that I repurchased and will continue to repurchase. There are three main reasons why this serum is a must have for me:

  • First, I can use this serum year round. My skin type is generally normal but it is slightly oily in the summer and dry in the winter. The texture is between a gel and cream and the serum gets absorbed immediately into the skin. The product is non-sticky so it’s great even when it’s super hot in the summer. Yet, the serum is hydrating enough that I can use it in the winter.
  • Two, this serum soothes, calms and hydrates my skin. Even though the serum is light, it keeps my skin well hydrated and smooth. For a while I couldn’t figure out if it was the Caudalie Grape Water or this serum in my new skincare regime that was keeping my skin smooth. I experimented by pairing the water with a different serum and a different water with this serum – it was this serum. Also my skin gets irritated easily and becomes redder / darker as the day goes on (no idea why) but I have noticed this serum helping to keep my skin calmer during the day. Since using this serum a year ago, my skin is honestly just smoother and calmer.
  • Three, for the price of the product, the hydrating and calming effects it delivers to my skin makes it a great value. At $54 for a 30ml serum, it is not cheap but on the relative spectrum of other serums, ~$50 is the entry point. I have tried so many serums around this price point that didn’t deliver that much or at least I don’t notice a huge different. The other serums are nice and do their jobs fine but none of them were memorable and wowing. Please note, I have never tried the pricier serums (i.e., SK II, La Prairie, La Mer) so I can’t compare but those products are so pricey that it’s not even comparable.

Overall, I love this serum and already plan to buy my 3rd bottle during Sephora’s F&F sale in April! Please note, the mega-mushroom skincare line does have a slight herbal smell, similar to Sulwhasoo products. The smell goes away after a few minutes but if you don’t like the scent then this product line might not be for you. I personally like the scent and find it to be calming! If you came to this post because you are debating on whether to try this serum then I would highly highly recommend it!

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My Favorite Saint Laurent Handbags

Another week, another handbag post (my absolute favorite)! This post will be about my favorite Saint Laurent handbags. Even though I don’t own any handbags from Saint Laurent, I have liked and continue to like many bags from this brand. The bags will be discussed in the order of when I started to like each.

1.  Saint Laurent Monogram Cabas
The first Saint Laurent bag that I fell in love with was the Monogram Cabas. I loved the slightly slouchy structure with the classic tote-like silhouette – it gives a casual and feminine look. Saint Laurent has two versions of this bag, the one with the big Y or the one with the YSL. I personally like the single big Y because it looks cleaner. I was obsessed with this bag probably 2-3 years ago but that obsession died down when I looked at this bag in person. Although the bag looks simple from the front, it is more complicated from the top and side. I still like the look of the bag but I don’t think I would purchase one.

2.  Saint Laurent Sac de Jour
My second love from Saint Laurent was the popular Sac de Jour. I loved the simple tote with the gorgeous fan detailing on the sides. The Sac de Jour looks modern and professional. The bag comes in suede, smooth, pebbled, and croc-stamped leather and in various colors. There are a few key reasons holding me back from purchasing this bag:

  1. I have the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote and the Sac de Jour is quite similar
  2. The small size is too big and the baby size was too small for me
  3. The bag is heavy
  4. In person, this bag, especially the ones in the smooth and pebbled leather aren’t as impressive or breathtaking

Overall, I think the Sac de Jour is still a beautiful bag but it is no longer on top of my wish list. If I do get one, I would get the croc stamped leather in the baby size.

3.  Saint Laurent Tassel Shoulder Bag
My third obsession was the Saint Laurent tassel shoulder bag. It was impossible to not fall for this bag – my favorite bags are small shoulder / cross body bags so this is perfect. Then the feminine touch of the tassel takes it up a notch. Ahhh it is so so beautiful! I would love to get a tassel bag in a hot pink color – I have only seen the hot pink version with smooth leather but I want to find the more scratch resistant pebbled leather. The only downside is the shoulder strap is too long for my height so I could have to somehow shorten the chain.

4.  Saint Laurent Chain Wallet
I love wallet on chains and one of the prettiest ones on the market is the Saint Laurent chain wallet. Saint Laurent has two version of the WOC, this bigger version and a smaller version – I personally like the bigger version because it fits more and looks better. Also the chevron print on this bag is beautiful! The blush and hot pink versions are my favorite – the only problem is those colors only comes with the yellow gold (way too yellow for me). Hopefully they come out with a light gold or silver version!

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