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Gray Romper on a Sunny Day

Romper: Old Romper from Urban Outfitters
Bag: Chanel Classic Flap (M/L in Lambskin)
Shoes: BP Summer Wedges (in cork screw here)
Sunglasses: Chloe Sunnies (from SaksOff5th)

0. Happy Pursuits2. Happy Pursuits3. Happy Pursuits4. Happy Pursuits5. Chanel Classic Flap Lambskin6. Happy Pursuits7. Happy Pursuits8. Happy Pursuits9. Happy Pursuits

I picked up this romper from an Urban Outfitter sale a couple years ago and unfortunately have to say goodbye to it today. I wanted to share this romper even though the side zippers are broken and had to be held together by safety pins. RIP my all time favorite romper!

Fashion, Home

Wallet-on-Chain (WOC) Guide – Top 20 Designer WOCs

WOCs or Wallet-on-Chains are super popular due to their versatility as a wallet, clutch, shoulder bag and a cross body bag. I personally love WOCs because I like to carry bare essentials with me on weekends and be hands free.

WOCs are also much cheaper than similar style handbags from respective designers. Or one can argue, just by adding a strap, WOCs are much more expensive than similar size wallets. Regardless, I honestly believe every girl should have a WOC in her collection because the functionality of the bag can’t be beat!

If you are looking for a new WOC or debating between a few, I hope this post will be helpful. Here are the WOC options from top 20 designers with my thoughts on each. I hope you have as much fun looking through these various options as I had researching them!

1. Ferragamo MIss Vara Clutch Wallet1.  Ferragamo Miss Vara Clutch Wallet
I am going to start off with the Ferragamo WOC just because I do own this piece (see detailed review here). Out of all the handbags and wallets in my collection, Miss Vara is by far the most used item. The WOC has 7 credit card slots, 2 cash pockets, a larger middle compartment and an additional closed compartment. This WOC is 100% carefree because the saffiano leather is extremely durable and completely scratch resistant. The WOC fits my iPhone 6S plus, keys and a small lip balm. The downsides of this WOC are: it doesn’t have a zipped compartment for coins and the small gold plate in the front can get scratched. The bag is currently retailing for $750 whereas a year ago the bag was around $600 or $650. I have seen it go on sale so if you want to get this WOC, consider waiting!

2. Prada Saffiano Wallet on Chain2.  Prada Saffiano Wallet on Chain
The Prada Saffiano wallet on chain was my first WOC love. I originally set my eyes on the peony pink color; however, right when I was getting ready to buy the WOC, the price increased from $650 to $830 (now retailing for $830 – $875). I stubbornly refused to pay the extra money and opted for the Ferragamo WOC. The Prada WOC has 12 credit card slots, 2 open pockets and a zipped compartment. The saffiano leather is very durable and scratch resistant. The WOC is very sleek and thin and honestly I think it looks beautiful. I know this bag is very popular and well loved by many! Besides the price increase, I didn’t end up getting the WOC because I personally didn’t have a good experience with Prada’s quality. Also I didn’t like the two snap closures on each side of the flap vs. one in the middle. It felt more cumbersome to use.

Previously there was a $200 price difference between the Ferragamo and Prada WOC so Ferragamo wins in value. However, since the price gap is now ~$100, I would say buy whichever one appeals to your aesthetics more. The Prada WOC also goes on sale so keep an eye out!

3. Saint Laurent WOCs (YSL)3.  Saint Laurent WOCs
Saint Laurent offers two WOCs, a small and a large version. Visually, I like the larger version (Saint Laurent Monogram Matelasse Shoulder Bag). The smaller version is more square-ish while the larger version is more rectangular. Furthermore, I prefer the curved bottom of the larger WOC vs. “bridged” bottom of the smaller WOC. The price difference is $275 so that is a consideration. I also love the chevron print and the durable saffiano leather. However, I don’t like YSL’s gold hardware because it’s way too yellow. There are some WOCs with silver or black hardware which are much more beautiful in my opinion. If you are looking at this WOC, I have also seen it on sale on Gilt; also you can order it from European retailers Harrods and Selfridges and save a few hundred dollars!

4. Chanel WOCs4.  Chanel WOCs
And then there is Chanel, the WOCs that started it all! I love all of Chanel’s WOC designs; particularly the classic, boy, camellia, and chevron. Chanel WOCs are beautiful and well made, plus these WOCs will fetch a high resale value if you do decide to sell the bag. The biggest downside is its $2,000+ price tag. I honestly think $2,000+ for a wallet plus a chain is ridiculous but I’m sure in a few years all designer WOCS will be ~$2,000. Price point aside, I personally think Chanel WOCs are smaller than some comparable WOCs which can make it less functional.

However, the heart wants what it wants, so if you are set on a Chanel WOC, I would recommend the caviar leather over the lambskin. I do have a M/L flap in lambskin so I am not biased against lambskin. I just think because WOCs are generally worn cross-body, on the shoulder or used as a wallet and thrown inside another bag, the durable caviar will be more functional and carefree. Although, I have seen some used lambskin WOCs in perfect condition on YouTube, so if your heart is lusting for lambskin then go for it!

5. Dior WOCs5. Dior WOCs
For some reason Dior WOCs were never on my radar until I saw a picture of the Diorama WOC recently. I headed to Dior’s boutique to check it out and found all the beautiful WOCs Dior offers! Personally I think the Diorama is gorgeous but I walked out the store with the Lady Dior WOC because the snap closure on the Diorama WOC was difficult to close. Then I went and exchanged the Lady Dior WOC for the Miss Dior WOC again because the snap closure on the Lady Dior was slightly difficult. The Lady Dior WOC and the Miss Dior WOC are practically identical except for the charms on the Lady Dior vs. the hardware closure on the Miss Dior. Personally I think the hardware on the Miss Dior WOC adds a more modern touch whereas the Lady Dior WOC was a bit plain, albeit beautiful. What I was most impressed with was the prices for the Dior WOCs. $1K is a lot of money but compared to other designer WOCs, Dior WOCs offers pretty good value. The Diorama comes in lambskin or pebbled leather, the Lady Dior and Miss Dior comes in patent leather or lambskin. Again because it is a WOC, I would recommend the pebbled or the patent leather.

6. Givenchy Flap Wallet on Chain6. Givenchy Flap Wallet on Chain
Givenchy goes for a minimalist design with its WOC. It reminds me of the classic Chanel WOC without the quilting. The WOC comes with 6 credit card slots, one large middle compartment, 1 cash pocket and a zipped compartment. With pebbled leather, this WOC will be durable and with the simple design, it will be timeless. However, I don’t think the WOC is worth the price tag. Honestly, if I had to pick between this Givenchy WOC or any of Dior WOCs, I would pick Dior WOC any day.

7. LV WOCs7. LV WOCs
I know LV wallets are highly praised for their quality and durability so I assume its WOCs are of same caliber. My favorite LV WOC is the LV twist chain wallet, I think the “V” turn opening / closing is super unique and I especially like the Epi denim! The twist chain wallet comes with 6 card slots, 1 cash pocket, 1 large middle compartment and a zipped compartment. Unfortunately the price tag on this one is higher than others. My second pick would be the LV chain wallet in the vernis leather.

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