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Chanel Caviar or Lambskin – 20 Key Considerations

Chanel caviar or lambskin is probably the most debated question for many bag lovers and Chanel addicts. I couldn’t answer this question for the longest time which held me off from purchasing the classic flap.

There are a lot of blog posts and materials online regarding this topic (I especially love all the helpful posts on Purse Forum!) However, I want to share my two cents because every Chanel buyer (especially first time) will come across this debate. In my opinion, there are 20 key considerations (yes 20!) Hope you find this post helpful!

For disclosure, I have finally decided on the lambskin and I will share my personal reasons in brackets!1. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations1. Type of Bag – The type of bag impacts the caviar or lambskin decision. If you are looking to buy a cross body bag (i.e., WOC) then I think caviar is a better choice since it will be worn against your hips and is more likely to be bumped / scratched. If you are looking to buy a tote (i.e., GST) then the durable caviar will be a safer bet. If you are looking for a shoulder bag then you can consider both caviar and lambskin. If you are looking to buy wallets / SLGs then you should pick the durable caviar for everyday use! (My ideal Chanel collection is a black jumbo caviar and a red M/L lambskin.)

2. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations2. Color – Lambskin is better with darker colors because the wear and tear will be less visible. So in theory for darker colors, you can should go with lambskin and in lighter colors you should go with caviar. However, I think colored lambskin is richer and much more beautiful than the same color in caviar.

3. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations3. Size – In general, smaller and bigger bags are better in caviar. Then the mid-size bags you can consider lambskin. Between the jumbo and M/L flap, I think caviar is better on the jumbo purely because the jumbo has a larger surface area and is more likely to get scratched. If you are looking for the M/L classic flap then there is no clear winner between caviar or lambskin.

4. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations4. Preferred Look / Feel – Do you prefer the look of the smooth lambskin or the pebbled caviar? If you prefer lambskin then consider whether your preference will change if it’s lambskin + a few scratches. Also do you prefer the buttery soft touch of the lambskin or the studier feel of the caviar? Overall, I think the lambskin is more luxurious and dressy looking while the caviar is more young and casual looking. (I personally love the look and feel of the lambskin. So many times I would go to the store set on getting the practical caviar only to turn away because I just didn’t love the look / feel of the caviar. The weird thing is I prefer caviar in the jumbo size but I really don’t like caviar in the M/L, to me it feels and looks plastic-y.) 5. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations5. Number of Bags in Your Collection – If you only have a few handbags in your collection then caviar is the better choice. On the flip side, if you have a large handbag collection and this will be your “special” bag, then go for lambskin! Also if most of your collection is more durable handbags then maybe it’s time to welcome a “baby” to your collection! However, if you have a few delicate bags then it might be good to try the durable caviar! (I don’t have a large handbag collection but I do have a few bags and the Chanel classic flap will definitely be my “special” bag, so I ended up picking the lambskin.)

6. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations6. Practically / Intended Use: Do you intend to use your bag everyday or is it for special occasions only? If everyday pick caviar, if special occasions only pick lambskin. Although, from comments on Purse Forums, some people do wear lambskin everyday and they have no problems! Also if you are planning to travel with this bag then caviar is definitely the smarter choice. Overall, caviar is definitely more practical and carefree! (I would like the option to use it everyday but I know this will likely be my special occasion bag just because it’s not appropriate / practical during the weekdays for work and for weekends I would still like to rotate through my bags.)

7. Chanel Caviar or Lambskin - 20 Considerations -17. Your OCD-Level: Are you OCD about your items (especially your handbags)? If scratches and marks give you anxiety then please save yourself the heartache and get the caviar! You are spending way too much money so you should enjoy the bag and not to worry about it! On the other hand, if you are okay with some scratches and marks and like your bag to have “character” then lambskin is a good choice. (Personally I am only OCD about my bags for the first few months then after regularly use / a few scratches, I don’t pay as much attention anymore.)

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Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Sandal Review

Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals are minimal, versatile and oh so sexy, and they have been worn by almost every celebrity and blogger. Although I’ve wanted a pair of SW Nudist sandals in the black goose bump leather for the longest time, I was never able to pull the trigger on a heel with two thin strips of leather for $398. Some nudist sandals do go on sale (50% off) but never the neutral / basic colors.

I stumbled across the SW nudistsong sandal on sale on Amazon for $155.28 last December and decided to go for it. The nudist and nudistsong sandals are practically identical with the exception of heel height. The nudist sandals have a 4.5 inch (110mm) heel while the nudistsong sandals have a 3.75 inch (95mm) heel.

If you like the SW nudist sandals but you don’t wear heels often or are afraid of the heel height then the nudistong is a great option! Yes, you may sacrifice 0.75 inches of “sexiness” but you will gain slightly more stability and comfort!1. Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Review2. Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Review

Design & Comfort
The design of the Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong (and Nudist) sandals are extremely simple: one leather strap across the toes, one leather strap around the ankle and a straight and skinny stiletto. The minimalist design helps to elongate your legs and create a “barely there” look similar to the concept of nude pumps.

I love the look but I never consider the sandals until I’ve read numerous reviews claiming the sandals are, in fact, comfortable. Once I tried on the sandals and felt how stable l was, I knew I wanted a pair.

I would say the sandals get 4 out of 5 stars for comfort. First, the material is very comfortable. I got the patent leather in the color Peltro (darkish grey) and found the leather to be firm but not stiff. Stuart Weitzman says the shoes have extra padding under the insole to cushion the bottom of your feet. There are some cushion, not a lot but enough that the balls of my feet are never in pain.

Stuart Weitzman also says many of the shoes are lined with ultrasuede lining for soft and breathable comfort. The back heel is lined with a suede material but I can’t tell if the foot lining is ultrasuede; although I do see small holes on the lining. This might be too much information but if I wear sandals with “plastic” lining and if my feet sweat a little then my feet will “slide” around slightly in the shoe. This would be disastrous on the Nudist / Nudistsong sandals since there is barely any “shoe” to “hold” my feet. I can confidently say whatever lining Stuart Weitzman has on the shoes, I don’t experience any sliding!

The straps across the toe boxes are also surprisingly comfortable. This probably has to do with the fact that the straps are slightly slanted across the toes instead of straight across. My toes might look like they are smushed and cramped but that is not the case, my toes are not pinched at all. Although after a few hours, the area where my big toes and the straps meet do get sore.

The other uncomfortable part of this sandal is the pitch. Even at 95mm, it is high and the arches in my feet do start to get sore after walking around for 30 minutes. My arches are not in pain but they are definitely sore. I would say the maximum amount of time I can stand and walk around in the Nudistsong without sitting down and taking a break is 2 hours.

In my opinion, comfort and stability are the two key characteristics of a good heel. Somehow the thin ankle strap and the stiletto combine create a very stable sandal! There are five holes on the ankle strap. Although I could strap my ankles in tight using the fifth hole, I normally use the third hole. I find fully strapping in my ankles using the fifth hole is very uncomfortable because it does not allow any ankle movements. At the third hole, my ankles get a little wiggling room while the strap still provides plenty of support. So although my feet might look like it’s “sliding” out of the back heel of the shoe, it’s still comfy and stable.3. Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Review

Leather & Quality
Stuart Weitzman is known for its leather and high quality shoes. Again, the patent leather on the Nudistsong sandal is firm but not stiff. The shoe has a leather sole and the back heel is lined with a suede material to prevent any friction and discomfort. Overall, I would say the materials on this sandal are good quality.

However, the stitching on my ankle strap is starting to come apart (see bottom left picture below). I am not sure if it’s extra thread or the actual stitching coming apart. I am going to cut the loose thread off for now and will update this post if it is, in fact, the actual stitching coming apart. If I had paid $398 for this sandal I would not be happy.4. Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Review

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Celine Luggage: Micro or Nano

I’ve never considered the Celine luggage in the nano size before because I assumed the strap was way too long for my 5’2” frame. However, I tried the nano on in stores a couple weeks ago and now I can’t get it out of my mind! The nano luggage strap is actually the perfect crossbody length on me. I have been looking for a more casual bag in a bright color, so the nano luggage in vermillion would be a perfect fit! The only problem: its $2,700 price tag.

Originally, I had planned to eventually add a luggage in the micro size and souris color to my collection. Now I’m questioning whether I should get a souris micro or a vermillion nano!

1. Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or Nano

Size: Micro vs. Nano
The micro luggage measures 10x10x6 inches and the nano luggage measures 8x8x4 inches. Visually the size difference is pretty stark. Personally I think the both sizes are practical in their own ways. The micro luggage will be a great size for work and travel to bring all your belongings. The nano luggage will be great for weekends and also for travel when you are exploring and definitely don’t want to be lugging around a large bag.

When I buy new handbags I try to think about what would be practical and try to diversify my collection in terms of brand, color, size, use, etc. I feel like I have more smaller size bags so the luggage in micro would be a great addition to my collection. However, I tend to grab my smaller bags more often so the nano size will likely be used more.

2. Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or Nano

Handheld vs. Shoulder Strap
Prior to trying on the nano luggage, I was certain I will eventually purchase the luggage in the micro size in souris. The micro size does not come with a strap and can only be handheld so I have been putting off my purchase. I questioned how much I would use the micro luggage given the handheld-only option. (Plus I might have been secretly waiting for Celine to add a shoulder strap to the micro size…) Generally, I shy away from handbags that can only be handheld because 90% of the time, I carry my bags using the shoulder strap.

After trying on the nano in stores and knowing the shoulder strap is “usable”, the nano has entered into the debate. Although I wish the handles on the nano were slightly longer so it can be held in the crock of my arms. The handles on the micro are slightly longer so it can be held in the crock of the arm comfortably.

3. Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or NanoFeet
Another difference between the micro and the nano is the feet. The micro has 4 metal feet on the bottom where as the nano gets no feet-love. Personally I like handbags to have feet so they can protect the leather.

Prices: $2,900 vs. $2,700
The solid color, pebbled leather micro is currently retailing for $2,900 and the solid color, pebbled leather nano is currently retailing for $2,700. The $200 price difference is not much but at the same time a big difference.

Excluding the longer handles on the micro and the shoulder strap on the nano, the micro has 380 square inches of leather and the nano has 224 square inches. At $2,900 and $2,700 the price per square inch of leather is $7.63 for the micro and $12.05 for the nano or on a per square inch basis, the nano is 57.9% more expensive!

I am more “okay” with the $2,900 price tag on the micro size but some how I can’t get over the fact the nano is $2,700! Yes it fits a lot, yes it’s functional, yes it’s well made, but $2,700 is a lot of money for a mini bag. For the price of $2,700 one could get:

4. Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or Nano5. Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or Nano6.1 Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or Nano7. Celine Micro Luggage_Micro or Nano

From a price perspective the nano loses big time. Honestly because of the price if I had to pick the two sizes I would pick the micro. In terms of value between the two, micro wins hands down. However, I am still considering the nano because my brother is currently studying abroad in London and Celine prices are much lower in Europe than US.

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