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Is Gold a Good Investment Now?

With recent developments in the stock market and uncertainties regarding the global economy, I started wondering if now is a good time to invest in gold.

During the last recession gold prices spiked from $800 an ounce to over $1,200 an ounce. Gold prices peaked at $1,826.70 USD / oz in August 2011 but has been steadily declining. As of August 30, 2015 gold prices are $1,130.74 USD / oz. The price sparked my curiosity on whether now is the time to invest in gold. I want to share my research and thoughts on this question and hope you will find it interesting!

To answer whether now is a good time to invest in gold, it is important to understand some background on the metal itself. This post will be organized into the following sections:

Quick History of Gold
Why Gold Makes Sense as a Monetary Standard
History of the Gold Standard
Trends of Historical Gold Prices
Factors Impacting Gold Prices
How to Invest in Gold?
Is Gold a Good Investment Now?
Warren Buffet’s Views on Gold
My Investment Decision After Research
Other Interesting Tidbits

Please feel free to jump to any section that you are interested in!

Quick History of Gold
Gold has been mined and used as decorative objects in fashion and jewelry since 4000 B.C. Gold later became a recognized standard of exchange in international trade in 1500 B.C. Interestingly, the first coins made from pure gold were minted in Lydia in 560 B.C. (Lydia was a kingdom of Asia Minor located in modern day western Turkey).

Historically, gold has always symbolized wealth and power. Ancient civilizations value gold so highly that alchemy, the study of turning base metal into gold was practiced. Romans began issuing gold coins in 50 B.C. and Great Britain shifted its monetary system to be based in gold and silver in 1377 A.D. For nearly a century, gold was the global monetary standard.

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Daniel Wellington Watches (Get 30% Off)

Daniel Wellington watches have been very popular lately and I have recently purchased myself a pair as well. For anyone who is contemplating about purchasing this watch please make sure you purchase from the company’s website!

In the U.S., you can buy Daniel Wellington watches from its website (shipped from Sweden), Bloomingdales or Nordstroms. The stated priced are the same across all three options:

  • Women’s classic 36mm watches are priced at $199
  • Men’s classic 40mm watches are priced at $229

However, if you purchase from the website, Daniel Wellington has a disclosure that the prices displayed include a 20% Swedish VAT (value-added tax). The VAT will be excluded if you are ordering outside of EU, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Switzerland or Australia / New Zealand. I live in the U.S. and was able to get the VAT excluded:

  • Women’s classic 36mm watches are reduced to $159 (20% off)
  • Men’s classic 40mm watches are reduced to $183 (20% off)

Then I found the discount code “dwvanessa” on RetailMeNot and was able to save an additional 15%, so the final prices are:

  • Women’s classic 36mm watches are reduced to $135 (32% off)
  • Men’s classic 40mm watches are reduced to $156 (32% off)

I was debating whether to get the Classic St. Mawes 36mm for $199 but once I saw the price at $135, the decision became much easier.

Of course, if the watches are on sale at Bloomingdales / Nordstroms and the prices are even lower then buy from these retailers. Otherwise, I would really suggest taking a look at the watches at these retailers then purchasing online. Daniel Wellington offers free shipping and I received my watch within 4 business days of placing the order.

Quick Initial Thoughts on the Watch

Box – The watch comes in a sleek white and brown leather box. Inside the box there is a limited warranty card, a manual and a screw to change the leather strap. Nice packaging is a not a must have but products with nice, thoughtful packaging is always appreciated! I personally like the engraved Daniel Wellington logo and stitches on the box.

1a. Daniel Wellington Box Inside

1b. Daniel Wellington Box Outside

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Triangl Milly Review (Plus Thoughts on Dupes)

Sometimes we see an ad and it hits something inside of us and turns off all our logical senses. We become fixated with the product and it dominates our thoughts until we hand over our dollars and announce our claim. That is the story of Triangl and I.

We all see so many ads on a daily basis that it’s hard for any single ad to capture our attention let alone captivate us. However, for some reason the pictures of perfectly tanned girls with Triangl’s bright neon bikinis did it for me. Also, I am not the only one to fall into Triangl’ trance; in fact, I am quite late to the Triangl party. In the last few years, Triangl, an Australian brand of distinctive, neon bikinis has been taking bloggers and the swimwear market up by a storm.

After caving into my desire and purchasing the Triangle Milly – Las Vegas Lights, I would like to share my thoughts on the product. In case you have also recently caught the Triangl bug and are wondering are these bikinis worth the money, I hope this review will be helpful.

Ordering Process
Currently, you can only purchase Triangl online. There is a sizing chart but I used the live chat and ask the customer representatives to help me on my correct sizing. The live chat tool is extremely useful because sizes can differ depending on the design. I also had to pay a $20 international shipping fee (I really hate paying for shipping so it goes to show how badly I wanted one)! However, it seems Triangl has recently removed this shipping fee.

The shipping time was extremely quick. I received the package within 5 days of placing the order and luckily did not have to pay for the duty. I have read reviews where people had to pay duty fees, which can range up to $20.

Inside the Fedex envelope is a Triangl box and the bikinis are individually wrapped inside the box. Triangl suggests customers keeping the box and laying the bikinis flat inside the box after use to prevent creasing. Milly comes inside a box but from other reviews online, it seems other designs such as the Chloe will come in neoprene bags.

1. Triangl Box

2. Triangl Packaging

The design and bright color are key distinctions that set Triangl apart from other swimwear. Bright color bikinis are not new; however, Triangl is able to pull it off tactfully. In my opinion, the simple designs counter-balance the neon colors. Also, the black trimming helps to shape and define the swimwear. It’s hard to describe but I think the black outlines give a slimming optical illusion. The bikinis really do accentuate your body in a good way. Bright colors plus defined black outlines, so simple yet brilliant.

3. Triangl Milly Bikini Set

At first, I was concerned the neon colors will only look good on tanned skin tones. However, I find that the bright color, yellow in my case, still looks great on paler skin tones.

I ordered an S top and an XS bottom and the fit is perfect. At first, I thought the bikini was extra revealing because you can feel exactly where the top and bottom are covering due to the snug fit. Nonetheless, when I compared it to my other bikinis, the Triangl Milly has same amount of coverage if not more.

The top is unpadded, has an adjustable strap and the back has a secure buckle. One of my fears with wearing bikinis has always been my bikini shifting or even getting knocked off by a strong wave. I am delighted to conclude this is not a concern with Triangl Milly! The bikini is very snug and does not budge.

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